Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7:30 - 8:15am

Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

8:15 - 8:30am

Welcome and Introductions

  • Larry Deeney, Forum Chair and Senior Manager of Environmental Sustainability, General Mills
  • Kelvin Roth, NAEM President & Manager, Environment, Health & Safety, AMCOL International
  • Carol Singer Neuvelt, Executive Director, NAEM

8:30 - 9:45am

General Session A

Pathways to Sustainability: The Convergence of EHS, Social Value and Profitability and Its Implications for 21st Century Business - Keynotes by: Dr. Allen White & Alan Willis

A foundational shift toward sustainability is underway in corporations. It is the result of both internal and external drivers that are making the "triple bottom line" a reality in today's business environment. This session offers you insight from the “C Suite” perspective as to why tracking sustainability issues, both EHS and social, are no longer merely for operational compliance and performance monitoring purposes but also are integral to strategy and risk management. In addition to establishing the compelling case for closer cooperation and integration between sustainability and financial management beyond environmental and social accounting & performance measurement, you will gain vital insights on how business success is increasingly shaped by external stakeholders. This is your opportunity to better understand and respond to transparency and accountability as they emerge as major forces in an intensely competitive, global economy.

9:45 - 10:15am

Break in Exhibit Hall


Track 1:

Risk Reduction

Track 2:

Skill Sets for Success

Track 3:

Managing Through Partnerships

Track 4:


10:15 - 11:45am

Session #1

Managing EHS Compliance: Doing More with Less

As a part of this session, you will hear speakers from large, multi-facility organizations share their experiences dealing with the ongoing challenge of managing compliance. Find out how others are keeping focused on core compliance requirements while meeting the range of other EHS demands with limited resources.


  • Dawn Krueger, Environmental Operations Manager, 3M
  • Geoff Boraston, Director of Environmental Affairs, Granite Construction Inc.
  • Brent Ross, EHS Manager, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.

Stephen Ross, Senior Solution Manager, Intelex Session Sponsored By

Session # 2

Demonstrating ROI on Sustainability & Energy Management Projects

Finance and Business Case Development are critical skills for moving new programs forward. Lean strategies and critical skills for demonstrating return on your energy and sustainability projects. This session will feature three distinct projects and the business analysis that each project manager performed in order to calculate the ROI.


  • Mike Pisarcik, Director, Environmental & Safety Management Systems, Sara Lee
  • Michael Brandt CIH, MBA, PhD, Associate Director LANL, Los Alamos National Labs
  • John Rind, Senior EHS Consultant, EHS Services, Alcoa, Inc

Reid Hawkins, Senior Account Executive, ESS Session Sponsored By

Session # 3

Building Internal Partnerships for EHS Success

As Sustainability and EHS become more ingrained in the business, building partnerships with other functional platforms and the operating segment becomes critical to getting results. This session will include case studies from Sustainability/EHS professionals on the how, what and why of internal partnerships.


  • Sarah Hill, EHS Program Manager Sustainability & Product Stewardship, Covidien
  • Steven Ward, Corporate Director Environmental, Health & Safety, FMC Technologies, Inc.

Moderator: Rick Taylor, VP EHS & Energy, Parker Hannifin

Session # 4

Employee Engagement: Harnessing Your Workforce to Reach Sustainability Goals

Smart organizations recognize that their workforce represents a critical and powerful stakeholder group when it comes to reaching EHS and Sustainability goals. Attend this session and hear from companies that have developed strategies to put this force to work for the good of the environment and their companies' bottom line!


  • Dermot Murray, Program Manager, Employee Engagement, Verizon Foundation
  • Steve Walker, Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Burt's Bees
  • Mark Manninen, Environmental Operations Supervisor, 3M

Moderator: Emily Barton, Corporate EHS Manager, Motorola

11:45am - 1:15pm


1:15 - 2:45pm

Session # 5

Roundtable Discussion: Managing Operational & Facility Compliance on a Global Scale

With EHS managers increasingly responsibly for facilities all over the world, ensuring compliance has become a complex task. Join this session and exchanges ideas and best practices for maintaining global compliance and tracking regulations for all your facilities. Particular focus will be given to effectively using EHS management systems to manage data and meet requirements.


  • Karen Ethier, Vice President of Global EHS, WR Grace
  • John Vosicky, North American EHS Regional Manager, Eaton Corporation
  • Stacey Winter, CSP, Global Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Hewlett Packard


Margery Moore, EHS Alliance Manager, BNA

Session # 6

Social Media: Sustainability Communications Revolution or Passing Fad?

What is all the social media buzz about? This session will look at how leading companies are leveraging emerging social media tools like blogs, wikis, online communities and twitter, to compliment and build on their CSR, EHS and Sustainability communication initiatives. Attend this session and come away with an understanding of just what social media is and how it might help your organization engage stakeholders and build awareness for your EHS & Sustainability initiatives.


  • Deb Berman, Managing Director, Justmeans
  • Suzanne Fallender, Manager Corporate Responsibility, Intel Corporation
  • Yadira Hurtado, Code of Conduct Specialist, Timberland

Moderator: Sandy Nessing, Director, Sustainability & ESH Strategy & Design, American Electric Power

Session # 7

Advancing EHS & Sustainability Along the Supply Chain

Partnering with customers and suppliers to advance EHS and Sustainability initiatives along the supply chain is becoming more and more common as stakeholders take a holistic view of companies and products. This session will focus on strategies for engaging partners both upstream and downstream to improve overall EHS and sustainability performance while meeting the reporting requests of various external stakeholder groups.


  • David Newman, Director, EHS & Sustainability, Millipore
  • Kevin Johnson CIH, CSP, Director of Global EHS Systems, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Paul Comey, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Green Mountain Coffee

Moderator: Johanna Jobin, Sustainability Engineer, Millipore Corporation

Session # 8

Entering a New Era: Redefining EHS and Sustainability under the Obama Administration

“Change” is a key theme of the new administration, but what does that mean for your corporation? What are the actual regulations being created to address 'sustainability' goals for the country? This session will explore some of the ways that theme has and will apply to EHS professionals. From the passing of a federal GHG policy to the realignment of key federal offices, to city and state policy shifts, this session will give you a clear idea of what to watch for from Washington and beyond.


  • David Quigg, Director of Marketing, Grays Harbor Paper
  • Roger Martella, Partner, Sidley Austin
  • Melinda Edwards, Manager, Compliance & Risk Mitigation, Environmental Policy and Programs, U.S. Postal Service (Invited)


Margery Moore, EHS Alliance Manager, BNA

Session Sponsored By

2:45 - 3:30pm

Break in Exhibit Hall

3:30 - 5:00pm

Session # 9

Success Strategies for Tracking, Complying, & Verifying Adherence to Product-Related Regulations

With a complex array of regulations coming on line in different regions and countries across the globe, this session will focus on how companies are integrating systematic verification and documentation for RoHS and REACH into their EHS management systems.


  • Dawn Speranza, Intel Global Fab Materials EHS, Intel Corporation
  • Ray Lizotte, Senior Environmental Engineer, APG
  • Adam Wheeler, STG Product Environmental Stewardship, IBM (invited)

Moderator: Carla French, Associate, E2 Manage Tech Inc.

Session # 10

Best Practices and Trends in EHS Training

Training your employees, EHS and non-EHS staff, is critical to the success of any program. Attend this session and learn from companies who've implemented effective training programs. Here what has worked great and what to avoid. Take away immediate ideas to try in your own programs and share successes you've had as well!


  • Terry Crouse, Health & Safety Program Manager, AMCOL International
  • Linda Artz, Training and Development Associate, Badger Mining Corporation

Moderator: Laura Murphy, Director, Knowledge Management Innovations

Session # 11

Partnering with Marketing & Communications for Successful EHS & Sustainability Communications

This session will bring together external brand management and communication experts and EHS practitioners to explore the opportunities and pitfall of corporate sustainability communications and the keys to successful sustainability campaigns. Come away with an understanding of the drivers and priorities of corporate communications and marketing and strategies for how to successfully work together to create effective communications.


  • Allen Stegman, General Director - Environmental & Hazardous Materials, BNSF Railroad
  • Robin Crawford, Senior Vice President, Ruder Finn

Moderator: Steve Walker, Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Burt's Bees

Session # 12

Interactive Session: GHG Management Scenario Game

Your company's strategic moves in the coming carbon constrained economy will be critical to the bottom line. Learn about potential pitfalls and opportunities of rapidly approaching greenhouse gas regulations and start developing your company's optimal strategies now. Teams of you and your colleagues from various companies will compete to develop winning strategies amid changing regulations, new presidential leadership, cap-and-trade programs, conflicting international, federal and state rules, shifting energy prices, and global competition!


  • Hosted by Larry Deeney, Senior Manager of Environmental Sustainability, General Mills
  • Facilitated by Teresa J Raine, John Reichling, and Lina Azuero of CDM

5:30 - 7:00pm

Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall


Thursday, October 29, 2009

7:30 - 8:15am

Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

8:15 - 8:30am

Morning Remarks

8:30 - 10:00am

General Session B

The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World
Keynote by: Dr. Peter Senge, Founder of the Society for Organizational Learning & Senior lecturer, MIT

Brimming with inspiring stories from individuals and organizations tackling social and environmental problems around the globe, The Necessary Revolution reveals how ordinary people at every level are transforming their businesses and communities. By working collaboratively across boundaries, they are exploring and putting into place unprecedented solutions that move beyond just being “less bad” to creating pathways that will enable us to flourish in an increasingly interdependent world.

10:00 - 11:00am

Break in Exhibit Hall


Track 1:

Risk Reduction

Track 2:

Skill Sets for Success

Track 3:

Managing Through Partnerships

Track 4:


11:00 - 12:30pm

Session # 13

Keys for Success: Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management Planning

As EHS moves from an overhead function to a strategic management issue, EHS professional must be able to articulate EHS issues in terms of business risk. Attend this session and learn how to reframe the dialogue around your key risk issues and build an understanding for the meaning of “EHS business risk.”

  • Mark Chrisos, Director Health, Safety and Environment, Intergen
  • Dr. Jon Frisch, Principle Risk Manager, PG&E

Moderator: Stephen Evanoff, Vice President EHS, AIMCO

Session # 14

Driving Culture Change for EHS Improvement

Lasting EHS performance improvement often requires culture change, where all stakeholders define and embrace EHS goals in all elements of the operation. Our speakers will share proven strategies for leading EHS culture change, whether at a single facility, or across a global organization.

  • Diane Dembosky, Divisional Safety Manager, General Mills
  • James Kendrick, CSP, Director, EHS Training, Textron Inc.

Moderator: Barbara Lemos, Vice President Technical Practices, AECOM

Session # 15

Building Partnerships To Gather Manage & Report

Your GHG Emissions
From setting the scope of your inventory to determining how to integrate the data management process into your EHS management system, GHG emission management presents a complex challenge that can not be achieved by the EHS function alone. This session will look at three case studies that examine the critical partnerships EHS and Sustainability Managers must build in order to successfully gather, manage, report on and ultimately reduce their GHG emissions.

  • Mark Hause, Environmental Competency Leader, DuPont
  • Ana Fernandez, Director, Environmental Programs, US Foodservice

Moderator: Daily Tipton, Regional Vice President, Enviance


Session Sponsored By

Session # 16

10 Strategies for Winning EHS & Sustainability Reports

This session will look at a range of best practices around EHS reporting including end -to-end metrics, report standardization, and best practice metrics. Emphasis will be place on practical do’s and don’ts and lessons learned over the course of the speaker’s experience in developing their reports.

  • Tim Case, Manager, Environmental Services, Ball Corporation
  • Dave Burrows, EHS & Sustainability Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Moderator: Joanne Schroeder, Partner, E2 Manage Tech Inc.


Session Sponsored By

12:30 - 1:45pm

Exhibitor Business-to-Business Luncheon

The Vital Link between Humans, Community, Nature and Sustainability

Keynote by: Dale Penny

1:45 - 3:15pm

Session # 17

Best Practices for Managing Risk through the M&A Process

Mergers and acquisitions require active involvement and leadership by EHS managers from initial due diligence through integration of diverse EHS cultures. Speakers will share their best practices for identifying and managing environmental, health, safety, legal, and financial risk in an evolving organization.

  • Alan Leibowitz, Director EHS&S, ITT Corporation
  • Karen Carter, Director Compliance & Risk Management, Ashland Inc.

Moderator: Barbara Lemos, CPG, Vice President Technical Practices, AECOM

Session # 18

When Elephants Stampede: Corporate Survival Skills for the EHS Manager

A significant, but seldom-discussed aspect of corporate EHS management is the art of managing up. While we all would like to think of our workplaces as completely fair-minded establishments run by enlightened leaders, most are not. EHS managers face a unique challenge. They manage a highly-visible subject area, but seldom have the authority to match this visibility. They manage programs designed to prevent bad things from happening. When they are 100% successful, nobody notices. When one bad outcome occurs, they are held responsible. This session will offer ideas on how to survive and even prosper in the perilous world of the EHS Manager.

  • Frank Brandauer, NAEM Past President, Independent Senior EHS Manager
  • Stephen Evanoff, Vice President EHS, AIMCO
  • Kelvin Roth, Director Environment, Health & Safety, AMCOL International

Moderator: Roberto Piccioni, Adjunct Faculty, Green MBA Programs, Dominican University

Session # 19

Partnering Environmental Management Systems with Lean and Six Sigma to Drive EHS Performance and Reduce Costs

EHS and Lean/Six Sigma programs often share a natural synergy. Many companies also use management systems such as the ISO 14001 EMS and execute their projects through Management by Objectives (MBOs). EHS managers can greatly benefit by aligning their projects with Lean and Six Sigma initiatives; and leveraging their EMS targets through MBOs to achieve EHS and sustainability goals and simultaneously reduce costs. Attend this session and learn from EHS managers who have successfully applied these continuous improvement initiatives to drive EHS performance.

  • Marc Juaire, Senior Environmental Manager, Valspar
  • Pad Kemmanahalli ASP, CHMM, CFM, REM Senior Manager EHS&F, Olympus America, Inc
  • Mitch Fonda, Director of Operations, Millipore Corporation

Session # 20

Water Sustainability: The Next Business Challenge

With water on the horizon as the next business challenge, this session will give EHS professionals a unique head start on understanding the issues of global water quality and availability and the business and financial implications for their companies. Attendees will benefit from a discussion of the connections and challenges between water and global business operations as well as hear from two leading companies on how they are planning for and managing water as a critical business issue.

  • Paul Bowen, Ph.D., Water Technology Director, Environment & Water Resources Department, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Kevin Mathews, Director Health and Environmental Affairs, Nestle Waters North America

Moderator: Scott Krall, CPG, CHMM, Sustainability & Operations Risk Manager, H.J. Heinz Company


3:15 - 3:45pm


3:45 - 5:15pm

Session # 21

Managing Emerging Health and Safety Risks: Pandemic Planning and Swine Flu Preparedness

With the fall flu season upon us, many companies are revisiting their pandemic planning and swine flu preparedness initiatives. Attend this session and hear how your peers are managing the challenges associated with global health planning and the key steps they are taking to prepare for a resurgence of the swine flu strain that broke out this spring.

  • Ed Daniels , VP, Health and Compliance, Cardinal Health
  • Karen Ethier, Vice President of Global EHS, W.R. Grace

Moderator: Ron DiCola, Senior Director, Health Safety and Environment, Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.

Session # 22

Predicting the Future: What Will the EHS Profession Look Like?

As the world become increasingly more global and interconnected and corporate EHS strives for increased business integration, this session will explore the question, “What will our profession look like in 5 or 10 years?” What skills and knowledge should you be developing as an EHS professional to stay ahead of the curve? Will your department merge or take on other functional responsibilities? How will Sustainability impact the roles and responsibilities of EHS managers? Attend this session and discuss answers to these and other questions.

  • Tim Mohin, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Team Lead and Principal Consultant, EORM
  • Bob Accarino, Director, Global Energy Management, Abbott

Moderator: Stephen Evanoff, Vice President EHS, AIMCO

Session # 23

External Partnerships: Thinking Outside the Box

EHS Managers must be creative about how they use external resources. This session will focus on partnering with external resources from Think Tanks and NGOs to the Federal Government to Drive EHS/Sustainability Success. You’d be surprised at the emerging opportunities!

  • Leslie Montgomery, Environmental Stewardship Program Manager, Southern Company
  • Dr. Peter Stangel, Director of Science and Evaluation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Jeff Hanratty , Manager, Global HSE Audit & Continuous Improvement, General Mills

Moderator: Marty Moran, Divisional Environmental Manager, General Mills

Session # 24

Metrics and Sustainability: Setting the Next Generation of Corporate Goals

Progressive companies are looking beyond energy, waste, and water goals, to set NEW sustainability goals. What are these next generation metrics and how were they created? Learn how innovative companies formed and leveraged a cross-functional Senior Management Leadership Team to guide the next generation goal setting process. Understand how they garnered CEO support and buy-in on the new process and resulting goals.

  • Rob Currie, Director, Environment, Health & Safety, Baxter Healthcare
  • Laurie Zelnio, Director, Environment, Product Safety, Standards & E-PDP, Deere & Company
  • Jeff Erikson, Vice President, SustainAbility

Moderator: Dave Rath, CEO, ProcessMap


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6:30 - 10:00pm

Closing Networking Reception & Dinner - Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Enjoy an enchanting and magical evening at the renowned Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, a historic landmark and one of Albuquerque's most popular attractions. Continue your networking during the closing reception and dinner event which will feature authentic Southwestern cuisine, live music & dance, art & food demonstrations, native storytelling and a bonfire. Attendees will have the opportunity to view and purchase Native American jewelry, art, and pottery, and learn about Native American history and culture in the Southwest. It is sure to be a fabulous evening. Children and spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend.


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