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The 2009 NAEM Forum program includes



Organized around 4 Key Tracks, the 2009 EHS Management Forum Will Feature 24 Educational Sessions on

  • Risk Reduction
  • Skill Sets for Success
  • Managing Through Partnerships
  • Sustainability

Choose from 24 concurrent sessions organized along these tracks:


Track 1: Risk Reduction

In today's world, EHS Managers are on the front lines identifying and mitigating their organization's environmental, health, safety, and business risks. These challenges are increasing in scope and complexity with mergers, acquisitions, new regulatory and business mandates, changing relationships with stakeholders, and geopolitical influences. At the same time, EHS departments must "do more with less". In this track, you'll hear how your peers are meeting the evolving challenges of global EHS compliance, product regulations, business continuity and enterprise risk, mergers and acquisition, health and safety risks, and pandemic planning, with limited resources and funding.


Track 2: Skill Sets for Success

As an EHS manager, your repertoire of resources for success includes your technical knowledge, business acumen, political savvy, managerial courage, interpersonal finesse, communication skills, computer literacy, and your network of relationships within and outside your organization. Your perspective and leadership can make a significant difference in the day-to-day health and safety of your coworkers, and the way that your organization is viewed by internal and external stakeholders. This track offers sessions that showcase best practices and offer practical techniques for keeping your career on a path of continuous growth and improvement.


Track 3: Managing Through Partnerships

Managing a successful EHS program often "takes a village", whether at an individual plant site or across a global organization. The "village" includes members of other departments (management, finance, marketing, communications, IT, and production) as well as external stakeholders (supply chain, investors, non-governmental organizations, and the local community).  Effective partnerships ensure alignment of (and commitment to) EHS and business goals throughout the organization. Learn how to leverage everyone's ideas and resources and build and maintain truly effective working relationships to advance your organization's programs – and your career.


Track 4: Sustainability 

Sustainability has become part of nearly every organization's business, and the focus of many external stakeholders, but identifying sustainability initiatives, forecasting their business benefits, and convincing management of their merits remains an elusive challenge. Evolving greenhouse gas regulations and other economic and political drivers offer opportunities to align environmental and business goals and to reduce your organization's energy and water "footprint", drive social responsibility through your supply chain, and embrace product life-cycle planning. Learn how leading organizations are developing and advancing their sustainability programs, and measuring, celebrating, and reporting their progress.


Capitalize on the Forum's cost-effective learning to maximize your professional development, further your personal knowledge and build a business network that will help with your day-to-day work as you bring measurable results to your organization!